Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Funny Stuff from '05

From Colby Cosh:

Unintentional-funniest moment from the McLaughlin Group's 2005 year-end awards

McLaughlin: Okay, time for the Group to grade planet Earth, A through F, for 2005. Pat?

Buchanan: I'm going to give it an F. I think the world is really headed toward a war of civilizations. I think the West doesn't realize the trouble it's in. I think the whole global trade regime is coming down. And I think the Islamic threat is coming to the West.

McLaughlin: Elinor.

Elinor Clift: My list of threats is different from Pat's. I think the environmental degradation is something to be really concerned about. Even Republicans acknowledge global warming is real. More people are getting AIDS than last year. The trend line is the wrong way.

[Somehow this seems to sum up "conservative" and "liberal" in a nutshell: equally pessimistic about the world, for entirely different and mostly bogus reasons.]