Saturday, January 14, 2006


Matthew Dailey believes that the Governor is trying to spend his way into popularity and that he's no better than former Governor Gray Davis. Here's an excerpt:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California in a recall election two years ago, promising to bring reform and fiscal restraint to the state government. He was committed to "changing the entire political climate" of California.

Schwarzenegger suffered a resounding defeat when all eight of his proposed reform measures, dubbed Governor Schwarzenegger's Reform Agenda, were voted down in last November's special election.

Having been politically wounded, Schwarzenegger said he has "learned my lesson" and has worked to move back to the center. He hired a former aide to Governor Gray Davis, Susan Kennedy, a Democrat, as his chief of staff last month.

In anticipation of this year's gubernatorial election, the California governor has dropped his opposition to many Democratic pet issues, such as raising the minimum wage, importing low-cost prescription drugs, and freezing higher education fees. The most obvious sign that Schwarzenegger is failing back to the free-spending ways of his predecessor is his proposed $222.6 billion spending program.