Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Trip to Russia

I went to Russia to meet a friend of mine. The area of Russia I went to is called Perm, which is near the Ural Mountains. Some of my pictures were blurry. This is because it was so cold that my hands were shaking when I took the pictures. Here they are:

A statue of Lenin

Yes, there were a lot of things devoted to Lenin. Heck, even the street my hotel was on was called Lenin Street.

This is the Kama River. It's almost completely frozen over and looks kind of dull in the winter, but I'm told it looks beautiful in the summer.

This is a picture I got from inside of an ice cave that I visited. Yes, that's my finger in the bottom right of the photo. Silly me.

Here's a picture of a Russian Orthodox Church.

I took this picture because I don't see many yellow buildings where I'm from. I believe this is a movie theater. They also had pink buildings as well.

There were also a number of old wooden buildings. As you can imagine, a lot of them were burned out. This is a pic of a one in pretty good condition.

These are some of my better pictures. I might post more later.