Friday, June 10, 2005

Say What!?

I think I'm about to commit heresy, but so be it. If Murray Rothbard actually believed what he wrote then I believe he's a tool and a moron:

Having broken emotionally with the right wing, our tiny group of libertarians began to rethink many of our old, unexamined premises. First, we restudied the origins of the Cold War, we read our D.F. Fleming and we concluded, to our considerable surprise, that the United States was solely at fault in the Cold War, and that Russia was the aggrieved party. And this meant that the great danger to the peace and freedom of the world came not from Moscow or "international communism," but from the U.S. and its Empire stretching across and dominating the world.

What the hell? Can you believe that this was written in the 60's, only a about decade after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution? I like how the US is referred to as an "empire" yet it was the USSR that was annexing Eastern Europe!

Side note: I don't even bother reading anymore. It's full of Chomsky-ite bullsh*t like this. Though not everything that comes from Lew is bad, see this.

Update: This guy is confused as well.

Update 2: Wow, the article also reveals that Rothbard was a member of the Marxist Peace and Freedom Party. Silly me, I thought it was those damned Neocons that were the Trots!