Tuesday, June 06, 2006

California Primary Elections

First, an observation: is it a coincidence that there's an election going on at 6/6/06...that's 666! I know politics is evil, but this is ridiculous. Okay, lame jokes aside, it looks like Angelides is ahead in the polls right now with 47% (as of 10:05 PM PST). Also, it looks like both ballot propositions might be going down (hooray!). Although, with only 13% of the precincts reporting, it's probably too soon to say anything definitive.

Update (10:19): It looks like Measure A will pass! Measure A prevents local governments in Orange County to give takings from eminent domain to the private sector.

Update (11:45): Well, it's getting close to midnight and, with 45% of the precincts reporting, the numbers look almost exactly the same as they did from my last update. I'll post more on the results tomorrow.

Update 6/7/06: Angelides is the winner.

Update: Happy Birthday Prop 13!