Wednesday, June 01, 2005


From Order From Chaos:

London - It is a sight to make the average toddler weep with horror: a billboard not only stating categorically that Santa Clause does not exist, but also condemning him as a tool of consumerism.

But following an initial ban, the poster - the work of a Scottish art student - was unveiled in Glasgow on Friday.

The six by three metre outdoor billboard contains slogans including "Stop Lying To Your Children About Santa Claus" and "Santa Gives More To Rich Kids Than Poor Kids".

Darren Cullen, a 22-year-old student at the Glasgow School of Art designed the poster as the culmination of a four-year course in art and advertising.

It had been due to go on display last month, but advertising company Maiden Outdoor withdrew its backing after seeing what the poster would contain, forcing Cullen to turn to media giant Clear Channel for support.

"Maiden seemed to think that it was a contentious issue that they couldn't be associated with in public," Cullen said.

"Their job is to promote consumerism and Santa's a hero of their industry, so I can see why.

"The project is about how children are trained to become consumers from a very early age and how both Santa Claus and advertising play a part in that."

Cullen - who condemned Santa as "a lie which teaches kids that products will make them happy" - has targeted the bearded Christmas icon before.

His art course portfolio includes a drawing of Santa admitting "I Killed Jesus", and smaller posters and stickers urging parents to tell the truth to their children. - Sapa-AFP

Is this guy a jerk or what, but then again what would you expect from an art student, especially one from Glasgow (which I've heard is full of socialists)? You can find the orginial article here.