Saturday, May 07, 2005

This is what happens when politicians have nothing better to do with their time (and power):

Politicians of the Texas State House took the time this week to pass HB 1476 which will put an end to "sexually suggestive" performances by middle and high school students. The bill, all 219 words of it, didn't bother to define what a sexually suggestive performance may be.

Here are the main portions of the bill:

(a) A school dance team, drill team, cheerleading team, or similar
performance group may not perform in a sexually suggestive manner
at an athletic or other extracurricular event or competition
sponsored or approved by a school district or campus.
(b) A school performance group that violates Subsection (a)
may not perform for the remainder of the school year in which the
violation occurs.
(c) If the commissioner determines that a school district or
a campus in a school district knowingly permits a sexually
suggestive performance prohibited by Subsection (a) or knowingly
permits a school performance group to perform in violation of
Subsection (b), the commissioner shall reduce the funding the
district receives under Chapter 42 by an amount the commissioner
determines appropriate.

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