Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Political Parties, Part 2

What do I want from a political party (or candidate)? I've decided to list some minimum requirements, most of which center around the economy and the size/role of government.

1) Free Trade: I want to see unilateral trade liberalization, multilateral trade agreements do some good, but unilateral is superior in my opinion.

2) Immigration: Open immigration is somewhat similar to free trade, but I'm willing to be a little more flexible on the grounds that there might be some security concerns.

3) Taxes: I would like some sort of reform. Getting rid of double taxation on things like capital gains would be a good start. Though I'm not 100% sure I want either a flat tax or national retail sales tax (I might do another post later about what I think a good tax system should consist of).

4) Spending: Reforming entitlement spending is a must. In the area of discretionary spending, I would support across the board cuts in spending while maybe keeping some areas flat (like military, roads, etc.)

5) Monetary: I'd like to see some sort of commodity standard for our currency, whether it's gold or silver or whatever.

6) Bureacracy: A lot of departments exist that simply shouldn't. At the very least we could get rid of the departments of education, agriculture, energy, labor, commerce, and HUD.

7) Electoral Reform: Abolish the FEC, scrap Campaign Finance reform, and allow state governments to choose what electoral systems they can use. I'm also willing to support more radical reforms like using Instant runoff voting for presidential elections, using proportional representation in the House of Representatives, and repealing the 17th amendment.