Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Jonathan Wilde of comments on this interesting article by the Mises Institute. One line that stands out in the Mises article is the following:

"Homeschooling is a tribute to the abilities of average parents who are concerned with their children's education. It is also a shocking indictment of government and even many private schools."

The last sentence got me thinking. Many private schools are based on the public model. The high school and elementary school I went to are examples and I didn't like them at all. Now, on the other hand, the kindegarten I went to was a Montessori private school and I enjoyed it quite a bit, and when I transferred to an elementary school I was well ahead of the other students. I think the moral here is similar to what was pointed out in the Catallarchy post. If you allow children to persue their natural curiosity, they may be more inclined to learn then if they're forced to do so.